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What is is a trip planning tool for geocachers lets you plan private trips, group trips, and password protected trips. also has several trip suggestions/templates registered that you can use as a baseline or inspiration for your own trips.

Plan your trips

Plan geocaching trips of all sizes, near or far, alone or together with others.

Quickly and easily see what caches you have planned and what caches you or any of the trip's participants own or have found.

Our user script allows you to see your route directly on the and Project-GC maps and to quickly add new caches to your trip directly from those maps (and cache pages)..

Use our printouts or our app lets you print detailed trip plans with the important information easily visible.

You can also use our app (available for free for both Android and iOS) and download the trip plan to be used offline.

You can also export your data to GPX, CSV, GSAK, bookmark lists, etc.

No paywall

All of our services are available to all registered users. We do not have paywalls or premium memberships. is financed by voluntary donations from our users (including some geocaching organizations).

Everyone that develops and maintains does so on a volunteer basis. Nobody gets paid to work for

We don't like ads either, so we do what we can to avoid showing you ads.

We don't have any nasty tracking, like most other websites have today.

Useful metadata will generate and display useful metadata to you. is fully time zone aware, handling time zones correctly and alerting you when your route travels through multiple time zones.

Sunrise and sunset information are displayed both on the website and in the app. analyzes caches and logs to determine whether issues exist with the cache and alerts you a potential with an informative icon on the cache.

More than just caches

There often is more to see and do than just geocaches, so lets you add different kinds of waypoints to your trip.

First class support

If you need help, we have a team of skilled and dedicated ambassadors that are ready to answer any question you might have.


Why should you use when you can just find caches at random?

By using and planning a little, you can identify exactly the caches you want to find and keep control of them.

Whether it's D/T rating, favorite points, location, or size that matters to you, you can keep track of everything in

Authorized Developer Powered by Geocaching HQ communicates directly with and collects cache data from's Live API.
Therefore, you need to be a registered user at to use
Some of this functionality requires a premium membership at